Our Team

JessJessica McLaren – People’s Lawyer 

I am from Australia and I have been working in Kiribati with the Office of the People’s Lawyer since the December 2013. My role is funded by the Australian Government through Australian Volunteers International.

Mr Raweita Beniata – Acting Deputy People’s Lawyer profile picture raweita

I’ve been with the OPL since Sept 2006 and am the longest serving Lawyer in the office.

I have a preference for Criminal cases as they go to the fundamental rights of a person and it’s important to research the case very well in order to obtain a fair judgement and sentence. 

I live Betio with my wife and Daughter.

I enjoy my family and home and am an active of my church.

Once in high school I attended a traditional dance I have not been invited to do so again.

 profile picture arianMs Arian Arintetaake – Assistant People’s Lawyer

I’ve been with the OPL since March 2012 as a Lawyer. 

The thing I most enjoy about my job is providing people with advice and representing them in court.  

I live Bikenibeu with my husband and daughter. 

Outside of work I like watch movies.

Ms Fuatino Noa – Assistant People’s Lawyer

Mr Teetua K Tewara  – Assistant People’s Lawyer

profile picture teboraMs Tebora Williams – Paralegal

My name is Tebora Williams my surname comes from a Welsh arms trader who found his way to the Gilbert Islands in the 1870’s.

I have been with the office almost as long as Raweita, I started at the Judiciary working as a Clerk and then transferred to the OPL.

I lived and studied in Armidale Australia for a number of years before returning to Kiribati.

Ms Berite Aretemaprofile picture berite 1

I’m Berite I am a Registry Clerk  at the OPL.  I manage the front desk operation at the OPL. I have been with the OPL for 9 years. I help people find the right person to talk to.

I live in Betio I am married and have three children.

My favourite food is breadfruit chips which I steal from Mark’s plate when he’s not looking.

profile picture kabestaakeMs Kabetitaake Marie – Interpreter

My name is Kabetitaake I am an interpreter at the office of the peoples lawyer.

I am a first year law student at USP.  I am married to my husband Victor and we live at Buota. I have been here at the OPL for 5 months.

My husband and I were recently married in Fiji.

Outside of the office I like to stay at home and watch movies and I run for enjoyment.

Chris Meibusch – Office Manager / Legal Mentor

My name is Chris Meibusch. My position is funded by he Australian Government through Australian Volunteers International.

My role is to help the OPL move towards becoming the separate Office of the Public Solicitor in the near future. In the meantime, I work with our marvelous young lawyers to solve their legal puzzles and conundrums.

I am a retired lawyer from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. I am mad on rugby and football. I try to play tennis as often as my aging legs will allow.

Mr Iareto Borikabu – Paralegal Iarato

I have been in the office since 2003 working as a paralegal.

I enjoy preparing cases for the Magistrates Court.

I am married with 2 children our home is in Betio.

Outside of work fishing, gardening and spending time with my kids.

My favourite video is the German coast guard ‘what are you sinking’

RuitRuitii – Interpreter

I have been transferred from the Judiciary to the OPL and work as and interpreter and administrative assistant.

I live in Bikenibeu with husband Betero we have married for almost a year and I still love him even though he annoys me sometimes.

I like to cook for my family mostly fish.

I spent 5 months in Fiji on a commercial cooking course and loved it.

Favourite TV series is Friends, because the characters are funny and they know each other very well.

My favourite fish is Yellow Fin Tuna sushi style seasoned with Beneka (local fermented Toddy (sap from coconut palm flower) steeped with chilies, diced onion and salt ).

Betero – Administration Assistant

My name is Betero Borikabu I work in Administration and on Front Desk and I have been with the office for a short time.

I live in Betio with my brother Iareto who is a Paralegal at the OPL.

Outside of work I am a Scout Leader training the cub scouts is my favourite thing.

I enjoy fishing with my brothers and brothers in law in our boat.

Mr Tabokai Kanoua – Paralegal


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